Corporate Services and Project Generation

ProExMin is ideally placed to assist and advise you on finding prospective and unproved or underexplored areas for mineralization and mineral deposits. Whether your company is just getting started or is already well established, there comes a time when you might need additional support or perhaps to subcontract a particular duty to a consultant. ProExMin can provide expert advice and we have a successful project track record. 


We have experience with conceptual and pre-feasibility studies. We aim to ensure the strategic development of your projects by financial and technical evaluation. ProExMin is specialized in finding and targeting anthropogenic concentration layers of minerals, i.e. dumps and tailings, to either dig off for shipping or reprocessing to obtain a economic and valuable mineral resource.


The detailed list of our Corporate Services include:

  • Review and preparation of conceptual and pre-feasibility studies
  • Strategic development 
  • Financial and technical evaluation
  • Project assessment
  • Application process for prospecting permit or mineral exploration permit


Our work is characterized by a full comprehension of the geology and metallogeny of the domain. ProExMin's work merges and coalesces all available data (drilling, geochemical and geophysical data, geological information and known mineral deposits) to build up databases. Repetitive data processing and to adapt the data into suitable mineral deposit models is the core of project generation.


In terms of Project Generation we have to offer:

  • Regional metallogeny
  • Conceptual targeting
  • Target generation for primary and secondary accumulations of minerals
  • Exploration modelling
  • Target report and exploration program recommendations