Mining Services

When a mineral deposit is found or on an existing mine a new reserve is discovered, the next steps in building up a successful operation is mine development and exploitation. Whether you will develop and exploit a surface or underground mine, ProExMin can assist you by solving the problem you are facing with.


ProExMin offers a broad range of mining services for Surface Mines and Quarries:

  • Conceptual design and economic optimization of surface mines and quarries
  • Slope and wall stability analysis
  • Stripping ratio determination
  • Planning of ground opening
  • Mine production schedule and planning
  • Selection and dimensioning of loading and hauling equipment (continuous vs. discontinuous)
  • Cost counting of loading and hauling equipment
  • Develop studies aiming the characterization of environmental impacts on ancient mining sites and establish planes for environmental works, rehabilitation and remediation


For Underground Mines we provide the following services:

  • Surface and underground mine exploration including shaft access using single rope technique
  • Abandoned mine access and location scouting
  • Surveying and preparation of maps
  • Safety services and risk analysis
  • Tourism concepts, feasibility studies and potential analysis for ancient mine site development
  • Underground photography