Arne Weissmann is a seasoned exploration and mining consultancy professional with 12+ years international experience providing expert advice to investors, mining companies and public sector clients. He specializes in launching and managing projects in all stages of exploration and mining cycle on time and within budget. Arne has a proven international track record in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He is familar with various deposit styles and commodities.


He has a M.Sc. in Economic Geology from the Claustahl University of Technology  (Germany) and a B.Sc. in Surface Mining from the TFH University of Applied Science in Bochum (Germany). Prior to joining ProExMine, Arne served as Senior Geologist for MTC (Germany), a consulting firm specialized in mining and exploration full-service advice. Afore Arne act as Project Engineer for a consulting firm in Germany specialized in mining and land recycling advice and services.